Sponsors of 800,000 Golf Tournaments Every Year

Have a BIG Problem

Their Uninspiring
Logo Imprinted Giveaways

Fail to Impress Participants


Fail to Deliver ROI

We Have the Solution

Good Intentions. Bad Results.

Golf tournament sponsors buy logo imprinted giveaways for two reasons.

  1. To generate goodwill with tournament participants.
  2. To generate brand advertising impressions for their imprinted logo for as long as possible after the tournament.

Unfortunately, sponsors cannot achieve either goal with the current assortment of logo imprintable giveaways.

Why No Goodwill and No ROI?

It’s simple. There isn’t anything new that tournament participants haven’t already received over the years at various tournaments, or as a gift from friends and family.

And as a result, they yawn and toss aside the uninspiring giveaways, rarely, if ever, to be used again. So despite spending lots of money on giveaways, sponsors generate no goodwill and no long-term brand advertising ROI.

Even the ever-popular sleeve of imprinted golf balls can’t generate the desired long term brand advertising. Think about it. All that money spent by the sponsor on logo golf balls, only to have the balls end up in water hazards well before the end of the tournament.

The Markmaster 2-in-1 Golf Tool Immediately Generates Goodwill

The Markmaster by Golfing Innovations will immediately impress tournament participants because it is cleverly useful and unlike anything they’ve ever seen.

  1. By dispensing a dot of white biodegradable powder to mark the position of a ball on the putting green, the Markmaster delivers two key benefits:
    • First, it eliminates the need for those coin shaped markers that always get lost, and are too small to generate easily visible logo advertising impressions.
    • Second, it eliminates the risk of a golfer’s concentration being broken by concerns about their putt being deflected by a visibly distracting coin-sized marker.
  2. With its built-in switchblade style divot fork, it becomes a convenient 2-in-1 tool that every golfer will need to use on nearly every hole, every time they go golfing.

It Also Delivers Unmatched ROI

Since it is so cleverly useful and totally unique, tournament participants will have fun showing it off to friends and curious onlookers for years to come. By generating all those favorable logo impressions well into the future, sponsors will finally achieve the ROI they desire for their logo advertising investment.

Direct Sales to Tournament Sponsors

2023 Promotional Products Industry

  • $26B across all products (source: PPAI Media)
  • 64M tournament participants need giveaways each year (800k tournaments @ avg 80 participants/tournament)
  • We’re forecasting 0.3% penetration in first 2 years = 2,400 tournaments with Markmaster as giveaway
  • At average 80 units per tournament and $20 per unit = $3.8M in Markmaster revenue in first 2 years

Direct Sales to Golfers and Gift Buyers

2023 Golf Industry (source: National Golf Foundation)

  • 25.6M U.S. on-course golf players
  • 119.2M Americans play, watch, read about, and/or follow golf
  • $7.2B retail golf sales
  • $3.4B spent on tournaments
  • We’re forecasting 309k units sold in first 2 years directly to golfers and gift buyers
  • At average $23 per unit = $7.1M in Markmaster revenue in first 2 years
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2003-2005 Markmaster

2024 upgrades will improve mechanics and aesthetics.

Poised for Successful Relaunch

  1. Unlike 20 years ago, Golfing Innovations can now leverage Amazon, social media advertising, and influencer/blogger posts to kick-start and scale sales with golfers, gift buyers, and tournament sponsors.
  2. An engineer with 40 years of experience with plastic injection tooling is designing the molds and manufacturing processes to ensure that the upgraded 2024 Markmaster meets the highest quality standards.
  3. 2024 funding from angel investors will overcome the self-funding limitations that handicapped the inventory and advertising efforts behind the 2003-2005 Markmaster.
  4. Investors will be attracted by the highly scalable revenue model that is projected to generate nearly a 7x positive cash flow multiple on the initial investment by the end of year 2.

2003-2005 Testimonials Confirm Wow Factor

Testimonials from 2003-2005 distributors and their clients confirm the ability of the Markmaster to finally generate the immediately positive first impressions that sponsors want from their investment in a logo imprinted giveaway.

Marquee Brands Sold on Benefits

Below are a few of the many big brands that purchased logo imprinted Markmasters in 2003-2005 to impress tournament participants and maximize their long-term logo advertising ROI.
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Additional buyers included NEC, Sun Microsystems, Sirius Satellite Radio, Rotary International, Grubb Ellis Realty, Fox TV, New York Life, Kellogg’s, Russell Mellon, Vons, Lexus, United Cerebral Palsy, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and more.

Testimonials from 2003-2005

A consistent flow of kudos confirmed how well
the Markmaster generated goodwill for event sponsors.

... definitely getting some terrific advertising benefits ...

“As you know, my engineering consulting firm wanted a fresh, new golf item that would add fun and excitement to our promotional marketing efforts…. Let me tell you, the Pocket Markmaster completely exceeded our expectations! Our employees and clients love them! We’ve already placed two re-orders for large quantities. No doubt about it, we are definitely getting some terrific advertising benefits from having our logo imprinted onto the Pocket Markmaster. We recommend them to anyone!”

Tony Day
Identity Concepts – Jamestown, OH

... huge hit... something no-one had seen before ...

“I thought you’d be interested in some feedback on the Pocket Markmasters – we just used them at 2 different conferences, one in AZ and one in MA…. GREAT NEWS!, the guys who gave them out at the tradeshows said they were a huge hit…. because they were something no-one had seen before, totally different, and so EVERYONE was coming to our booth, to see them and find out what they were!! It was a huge draw…. we all want to be the one who picked the item that EVERYONE is talking about!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!”

Tammy Roy
Geiger Cribbins – Mercer Island, WA

Media Coverage 2003-2005

The Markmaster was selected and highlighted as a long-awaited, innovative,
logo imprintable golf product by promotional product industry journalists.

Promotional Product Industry Publications

  • March 2003 Corporate Logo Magazine (Markmaster)
  • May 2003 Promotional Marketing Magazine (Markmaster)
  • August 2003 Promotional Products Business Magazine (Markmaster)
  • February 2004 Counselor Magazine (Markmaster)
  • March/April 2004 CEO IQ Magazine (Markmaster)
  • August 2004 Advantages Magazine (Markmaster)
  • December 2004 Advantages Magazine (Markmaster)
  • March 2005 Corporate Logo Magazine (Guide Liner)
  • March 2005 Brilliant Results Magazine (Markmaster, Guide Liner, Tee Hanger Bag Tag)
  • March 2005 Promotional Marketing Magazine (Guide Liner)
  • April 2005 Promotional Products Business PPB Magazine (Guide Liner)
  • June/July 2005 Corporate Logo Magazine (Tee Hanger Bag Tag)
  • June/July 2005 Promotional Products Business PPB Magazine (Tee Hanger Bag Tag)

Philadelphia ABC TV News Segment

The video below is from an April 2004 Philadelphia ABC TV News segment.
Of all the golf products to highlight, he picked the Markmaster!
Skip to 1:41 to see the Markmaster’s 10 seconds of fame!

Additional Revenue Opportunities

Conversion rates and revenue per transaction will be maximized
by presenting golfers, gift buyers, and tournament sponsors with a variety of product options.

For Tournament Sponsors

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GuideLiner by Golfing Innovations

Unique stencil pattern helps golfers concentrate on straight follow-through on their putts. Conforms to rules of golf. Includes marker pen plus clip to hang from golf bag for maximum logo visibility.

For Tournament Sponsors

Home » Innovative Golf Gadgets
Tee Hanger Bag Tag by Golfing Innovations

Attention-grabbing bag tag that doubles as a convenient way for golfers to quickly access their tees. Eliminates need to hurry and dig through golf bag pockets looking for tees while friends are waiting.

For Tournament Sponsors

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Brush Tee by 3rd Party Manufacturer

The brush tee eliminates that uncomfortable scraping feeling that happens when your club head hits a traditional tee on your follow-through. Other innovative and long lasting 3rd party logo items TBD.

For Golfers & Gift Buyers

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Curated Equipment (Amazon Affiliate Links)

Shoppers will use our innovative AI chatbot to instantly find equipment, training aids, and accessories designed to address specific performance improving needs, such as “Fix My Slice”. All transactions fulfilled by Amazon.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge golf product solutions
that fulfill the unmet needs of tournament sponsors and golf shoppers.

To provide tournament sponsors with cleverly useful and curiously unique logo imprinted products that can produce exceptional first impressions with participants plus long-lasting logo advertising ROI.

To provide golf equipment and gift shoppers with a narrowly focused online assortment of hand-picked, innovative products that deliver on their promise to elevate fun and performance.

To significantly improve the online golf shopping experience by replacing traditional menus with an AI chatbot that instantly finds items designed to improve specific areas of their performance.

To pleasantly surprise golf shoppers and tournament sponsors with levels of service that they cannot get from traditional big box online stores or big logo imprinted product suppliers.

Contact Us

We’re looking for funding to cover year 1 expenses involving tooling, inventory, advertising, and payroll.
Financial forecasts show pre-funding cumulative cash flow turning positive before the end of year 1.


Aaron Kvitek

Founder & CEO

Aaron founded, self-funded, and single-handedly fulfilled all day-to-day marketing, sales, operations, and accounting duties for the first iteration of Golfing Innovations from 2001-2005, which focused on the sale of the Markmaster through promotional product distributors. The skills and insights he acquired will be invaluable in the relaunch of this business in 2024.

Having invented and patented the original Markmaster, Aaron is leading the aesthetic and mechanical design upgrade process for the patent-pending 2024 Markmaster. He is being assisted by a U.S. based injection molding product and tooling design expert with 40 years of experience, who is also acting as an Advisor.

Over the course of his 39 year career, Aaron has helped companies ranging in size from American Express to bootstrapped startups identify and execute product development, market penetration, and business growth strategies. This includes nearly 2 years as CMO for a CPG startup targeting consumer and corporate buyers.

Aaron has an MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management.

Visit his LinkedIn page or his personal website VisionLeadershipResults.com.

Let us know if you’re interested in receiving our Pitch Deck. Thanks!

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Home » Innovative Golf Gadgets
Home » Innovative Golf Gadgets
Home » Innovative Golf Gadgets
Home » Innovative Golf Gadgets
Home » Innovative Golf Gadgets
Home » Innovative Golf Gadgets