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The Markmaster Collection
Golf Tournament Giveaway Items

Developed by Golfing Innovations, these unique products (and others on the drawing board) were designed to fill the huge demand for innovative, new, useful promotional golf products. Advertisers and their target audiences no longer wanted the same old, boring golf give-aways at their tournaments. As a result, the Markmaster CollectionTM was very well received.

Pocket Markmaster

Patented powder dispensing ball marker with switchblade-style divot repair fork. Approved by USGA. Introduced to promotional products distributors in January 2003 at the annual PPAI show.

  • Tap it against the putting green and it dispenses a small ring of harmless talcum powder to cleverly mark the position of your ball.
  • Unlike coin-shaped ball markers, the talcum powder will never interfere with the roll of another player’s putt. No more worries or distractions.
  • The talcum powder is harmless and easily brushed away with your finger or shoe. Agronomist approved.
  • Golfers can’t resist playing with its switchblade-style divot repair fork.
  • The removable powder cartridge can be refilled using ordinary talcum powder. Each refilling lasts 4 to 6 rounds.
  • Officially registered with and approved by the USGA golf rules governing organization. It can even be used in PGA/WPGA tournaments.
Markmaster Guide Liner

Innovative stencil helps you concentrate on straight follow-through on putts. Conforms to rules of golf. Introduced to promotional products distributors in January 2005 at the annual PPAI show.

  • Effective putting alignment aid.
  • The Markmaster Guide Liner is a patent-pending stenciling device that allows golfers to draw a one-of-a-kind, dual semi-circle pattern onto their golf ball.
  • When lining up a putt, the golfer concentrates on having the notch on their putter strike at and through the center of both semi-circles in the stencil pattern. This cleverly helps golfers generate the straight follow-through that is so important for accurate putting.
  • Approved under the rules of golf.
  • Since every golfer wants to improve their putting, it is a highly desirable promotional gift. And with a large area for imprinting a corporate logo, it has the ability to generate a lot of favorable logo advertising impressions while hanging from a golf bag.
  • After being imprinted with a corporate logo, it is repackaged into an easy-open retail-style plastic clamshell kit that includes a permanent ink marker pen and a golf bag clip. This kit produces a great first impression impact.
Markmaster Tee Hanger Bag Tag

Fast, easy and clever way to grab a new tee. Plus excellent custom imprinted logo visibility. Introduced to promotional products distributors in January 2005 at the annual PPAI show.

  • Attention-grabbing and useful golf bag tag.
  • But the Markmaster Tee Hanger Bag Tag is more than just another ordinary bag tag.
  • First of all, it includes a classy bag tag medallion that is white and dimpled like a golf ball. And secondly, it also includes a clever tee hanger device that provides golfers with fast, convenient access to their tees.
  • At the beginning of a round of golf, the golfer snugly inserts seven tees into the rubberized holding tubes. Then, whenever the need for a tee arises, they simply pull one out of a tube. No longer do they need to go fishing around in their overcrowded golf bag pockets looking for a loose tee while their friends are waiting.
  • Since it is so unusual, the Tee Hanger Bag Tag will draw a lot of attention to an imprinted corporate logo. And since it provides a nice convenience to golfers, it will be kept and used well into the future, thereby generating favorable logo advertising impressions for a long time to come.
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