Golfing Innovations
Cutting Edge Golf Products for Enhanced Fun and Performance
Golfing Innovations Only Offered Products That Delivered on Promised Benefits.

Golfing Innovations Helped Golfers Save Time and Money Plus Improve Their Game.

Golfing Innovations Offered Variety of Equipment and Aids To Fix Problems.

Golfing Innovations Had Site Navigation Based on Areas of Improvement.

Game Improvements Found at Golfing Innovations Helped Golfers Have More Fun.

Golfing Innovations Offered Unique and Clever Logo Imprinted Golf Gadgets.

Golfing Innovations Broke Online Golf Store Paradigms in 2003-2005 But Still Can Disrupt the Space.

Our Mission

To Help Golfers Save Time, Save Money, Improve Their Game, and Have More Fun!

We wanted to make the process of finding and buying truly innovative golf products faster, easier, and more satisfying for everyone.

How did we plan to accomplish this mission?


By only offering hand-picked products that truly deliver on promised benefits.

Unlike all the other golf product catalog websites, we did not force visitors to weed through a huge, intimidating selection of golf products in order to try figuring out which ones were the diamonds in the ruff.

We already did all the product research and screening work.

Our product selection only included genuinely innovative items that had a demonstrated ability to enhance fun and performance. No product clutter. No wasted time.

As a result, Golfing Innovations had finally made it a lot faster and easier for shoppers to avoid making the wrong purchase decisions and instead buy cutting-edge golf equipment, training aids and accessories that truly delivered on promised benefits for everyone from beginning to advanced golfers.


By offering unorthodox site navigation based on game improvement needs.

All the other golf e-commerce sites offered the same navigation menus: Drivers – Irons – Wedges – Putters – Training Aids – Brand X – Brand Y – etc, etc. Sadly, this navigation paradigm provided no help whatsoever to golfers and golf gift shoppers looking for equipment and aids specifically designed to help fix problem areas.

So at Golfing Innovations, we decided to break away from this navigation menu paradigm.

Our revolutionary menus allowed shoppers to select from a list of very specific golf game improvement needs. After a certain menu option was clicked, the resulting product page offered a variety of innovative solutions ranging from equipment to training aids to accessories to DVDs, all designed to help improve that specific game improvement need.

These menus, and our hand-picked selection of innovative products, helped make the shopping experience faster, easier and much more satisfying. Giving us a distinct competitive advantage.


By offering unique, clever, useful custom logo imprinted golf gadgets.

Beginning and advanced golfers alike were tired of receiving the same, boring give-away swag items at every golf tournament they participated in.

Tournament sponsors were also frustrated with the uninspiring selection of logo imprinted swag items. They knew that giving away the same old swag items would not generate the excitement and long-term use that they wanted from their custom logo-imprinted promotional product investment.

The Markmaster Collection offered by Golfing Innovations provided a solution. Headlined by our own patented Pocket Markmaster 2-in-1 tool, it included unusual yet helpful items that always piqued the interest of recipients. And once they figured out the clever way these items would benefit their golf game, they were excited to receive them and anxious to show them off to friends and colleagues. In the end, golfers benefited from receiving a new and exciting swag item and tournament sponsored benefited from the long-lasting exposure their imprinted logo would get.


By offering top notch customer service and value-added site content.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction did not end with a click on the “Submit Order” button.

We were constantly looking to add new, high-quality products to our online catalog. And we were regularly adding helpful golfing tips and humorous golf jokes to our website to encourage shoppers to return and enjoy their visit to our site. Of course, behind the scenes, we were continuously striving to exceed aggressive order processing, fulfillment, and customer service standards.

Every one of our dedicated employees knew that success was defined by the fast, efficient, and total satisfaction of each shopper’s individual needs. We set the bar high because we wanted each shopper to come back and visit us again and again. And to feel proud about telling friends about

Thank-you for your interest in our mission. We were proud to have broken so many online golf store shopping paradigms way back in 2003 through 2005. Sadly, as a self-funded start-up, our cash flow was never enough to get us to critical mass. But we still think there is an opportunity, with proper funding, to dust off this business model and disrupt the online golf shopping space. Contact us if you’re interested in investing or in a strategic partnership.

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