New Golf Ball Stenciling Device Helps Golfers Achieve Straighter Follow-through on Putts

Santa Monica, CA (February 1, 2005) – The Guide Liner (TM), from Golfing Innovations, is a new entry into the field of golf ball stenciling devices. But instead of the usual straight line stencil pattern, The Guide Liner’s pattern consists of a straight line running through the center of two semi-circles.

This unique stencil pattern is designed to help the golfer achieve a more consistent, straighter follow-through on putts. To accomplish this, the golfer concentrates on having the notch on their putter strike at and through the center of BOTH semi-circles. The straight line in the Guide Liner’s pattern provides the golfer with additional assistance by indicating the path that connects the center of both semi-circles.

“It’s the fastest and easiest way to knock a few strokes off your game. Use it for improved accuracy on putts as well as tee shots. And best of all, it’s approved under the rules of golf.” says Aaron Kvitek, co-founder of Golfing Innovations.

Aaron goes on to say, “Golfers can easily forget about the importance of straight follow-through when they use a stencil pattern that offers only a single straight line. Why? Because having the notch on their putter hit dead-on to a straight line has such a high perceived difficulty level that many golfers tend to focus way too much on the initial point of contact between the notch and the line, often forgetting about the follow-through. It is much more natural and less intimidating for the golfer to focus on having the notch on their putter strike the center of a semi-circle, so with the Guide Liner’s stencil pattern, the golfer can relax and is free to concentrate on the follow-through beyond the initial point of contact.”

If a putter does not have a notch indicating its sweet spot, the Guide Liner’s patent-pending design includes a flat tail section containing a stencil pattern for drawing a line and/or semi-circle onto the top of a putter head.

A clip is included with the Guide Liner so that it can be attached to the outside of a golf bag for quick access and use during a round of golf. A full-sized permanent-ink marker pen is also included.

Golfers and golf gift shoppers can purchase the Guide Liner at select retailers and at

Golfing Innovations also sells the Guide Liner through promotional product distributors to companies interested in having their logo imprinted onto its golf ball sized spherical surface area. As co-founder Aaron Kvitek puts it, “Golfers are tired of receiving the same old promotional items year after year at golf tournaments. Corporations can add instant excitement to their tournament by giving golfers an item like the Guide Liner that can genuinely help improve their game. And the long term promotional advertising benefits are terrific as well because each time the golfer uses the Guide Liner during a golf outing, the company’s imprinted logo will receive a lot of favorable attention from curious onlookers.”

About Golfing Innovations:
California-based Golfing Innovations is the exclusive supplier of the Guide Liner. It also owns and operates a niche-oriented online golf store at that specializes in the sale of top-rated, truly effective golf equipment, training aids, accessories, and gifts. Their website offers competitive discounts and menu navigation options that help shoppers quickly find products designed to improve specific elements of their game.