New & Improved 2004 Pocket Markmaster Selected as one of the Best New Promotional Products at the January 2004 Orlando ASI Show

Santa Monica, CA (February 1, 2004) – It didn’t take long for the New & Improved Pocket Markmaster to be picked out of the crowd as one of the best new promotional products for 2004. The editors of The Counselor Magazine spotted it at the January ’04 Orlando ASI Show and immediately included an image and description of it in a February issue article listing the highlights of the Orlando ASI Show. For fifty years, The Counselor® has been the leading source of news in the promotional products industry.

Here is a reprint of what the editors of The Counselor had say about the Pocket Markmaster:

The Counselor Magazine: February 1, 2004

“Par for the course. Every golfer needs a ball marker when playing a round, but those pesky little buttons can get lost or left on the green from time to time. The Pocket Markmaster uses powder as the marker. By depressing the head, a dot of white powder marks a golfer’s lie. The cartridge is refillable. The Markmaster also features the only switchblade action divot repair tool.”

The Pocket Markmaster TM is that fresh, new, clever, and useful golf-related promotional product that everyone has been waiting for. It is so unique that it can’t help but attract curious onlookers each time it is used. As a result, it has the ability to generate an unmatched amount of attention for any custom imprinted corporate logo. And unlike most golf promotional products that are rarely seen after the first 18 holes, The Pocket Markmaster will be generating new and repeat advertising impressions for the imprinted logo for years to come.

When tapped against the putting green, The Pocket Markmaster dispenses a ring of baby powder to cleverly mark the position of the ball. Unlike coin-shaped ball markers, the powder ring will never interfere with the roll of another player’s putt. It is harmless to the grass, and is easily brushed away with a finger or shoe. In fact, The Markmaster and its powder dispensing technology have been approved by the U.S. Golf Association, which means that it conforms to the official rules of golf and thus can be used by anyone, anywhere. It is even legal for use in official PGA tournament play.

The New & Improved 2004 Markmaster offers three significant enhancements. First, it now makes use of a pre-filled powder cartridge that is easily removed and refilled with talcum powder. Second, it now has a switchblade style divot repair fork that is as much fun to show-off as it is handy to have available in your pocket when unexpectedly needed. And finally, after being custom imprinted with a corporate logo, it is now inserted into a professional looking clamshell package that makes it look like it just came off the shelf from the local golf pro shop.

The patent-pending Pocket Markmaster is manufactured and imported by Golfing Innovations, LLC. Custom logo imprinted orders are available at highly attractive wholesale prices to promotional product end-buyers. Quantities start at 50 units. Consult your preferred promotional products distributor for details. Additional information is available at