Pocket Markmaster Selected by Corporate Logo Magazine To Be Part of Their 2003 Golf Elite Product Showcase

Santa Monica, CA (February 28, 2003) – Corporate Logo Magazine has selected The Pocket Markmaster to be included in its “2003 Golf Elite Product Showcase”, which was featured in its March 2003 issue. Below is a reprint of what they had to say about The Pocket Markmaster.

Corporate Logo Magazine: February 28, 2003

“The Pocket Markmaster from Golfing Innovations is a cleverly useful golf tool. The Pocket Markmaster dispenses a small powder ring to mark the position of your ball. All you have to do is tap it against the putting surface. The tool also comes with a built-in, foldout divot repair fork. This small and lightweight tool will attract attention to your logo.”

As its slogans says, Corporate Logo Magazine is focused on offering “Business Solutions For Today’s Promotional Products Distributor”. Their website address is www.corporatelogo.com.