Pocket Markmaster Eliminates Need for Coin-shaped Golf Ball Markers

Santa Monica, CA (September 7, 2004) – The Pocket Markmaster (R), from Golfing Innovations, eliminates the need for coin-shaped golf ball markers by offering an unusual way to mark the position of a ball on the putting green.

Simply tap the Pocket Markmaster against the green behind a ball and it dispenses a dot of biodegradable talcum powder. Unlike coin-shaped markers, the talcum powder will never deflect the roll of another player’s putt. So it never needs to be moved out of the way. In addition, the powder dot is harmless to the grass and is easily brushed away with a finger when the golfer replaces the ball onto the green.

The Pocket Markmaster has been approved as conforming to the rules of golf, so it is “legal” to use anywhere, even at PGA tournaments.

Its patented design includes two powder cartridges that can be easily refilled with ordinary talcum or baby powder. Each cartridge has a protective cap to prevent powder from getting in the golfer’s pocket.

The Pocket Markmaster also comes with a built-in, metal switchblade-action divot fixer fork, making it a convenient 2-in-1 tool for every golfer’s on-the-green needs.

It is palm-sized but only about half the thickness and weight of a golf ball, so it fits comfortably in the golfer’s pocket. Or it can be clipped to a golf bag. Either way, it is designed for quick, easy access whenever it is needed.

“No golfer likes to be stuck without a ball marker or divot fork in their pocket when the need arises. Yet it happens all the time. Our target market is golfers who are tired of losing those little coin-shaped markers, or who don’t like to carry traditional divot forks that can poke a hole in their pocket. Of course, we are also targeting golfers who enjoy showing off clever and useful gadgets.” said Aaron Kvitek, co-founder of Golfing Innovations.

Aaron further describes the Markmaster as “a fun, attention-grabbing gift for golfers who think they have seen everything.” Golfers and golf gift shoppers can purchase the Pocket Markmaster at select retailers and at http://www.golfinginnovations.com. MSRP is $14.99.

Golfing Innovations also sells the Pocket Markmaster through promotional product distributors to companies interested in having their logo imprinted onto its shiny white dimpled surface. As co-founder Aaron Kvitek puts it, “Golfers are tired of receiving the same old stuff year after year at golf tournaments. Therefore, since the Pocket Markmaster is so clever and unique, it can add excitement to any golf tournament. And since it is so useful and long-lasting, it will be out there generating favorable advertising impressions for a company’s imprinted logo for a long time into the future.”

About Golfing Innovations:
California-based Golfing Innovations is the exclusive supplier of the Pocket Markmaster. It also owns and operates a niche-oriented online golf store at http://www.golfinginnovations.com that specializes in the sale of top-rated, truly effective golf equipment, training aids, accessories, and gifts. Their website offers competitive discounts and menu navigation options that help shoppers quickly find products designed to improve specific elements of their game.