Pocket Markmaster Featured on ABC TV News Philadelphia

Santa Monica, CA (June 2, 2004) – In late April 2004, the ABC TV News station in Philadelphia ran a story on hot new promotional products. They visited the nearby headquarters of one of the largest promotional products trade associations in order to get ideas on what products to include in their story. They had a selection of thousands of products to choose from. But only a handful of hot new products were included in their news segment. The Pocket Markmaster from Golfing Innovations, LLC was one them.

The Pocket Markmaster is a 2-in-1 golf tool that is comfortable and handy for golfers to carry in their pocket at all times. It offers an innovative way to mark the position of your ball on the putting surface. And it has a built-in switchblade style divot fixer fork that golfers love to play with and show-off to their friends.

When tapped against the putting surface, the Pocket Markmaster dispenses a dot of biodegradable talcum powder. It’s not only clever, but it’s also a better way to mark the position of your ball because the powder won’t deflect the roll of another players putt and thus won’t interfere with another player’s concentration as they are lining up their putt.

When the golfer replaces their ball on the green, they simple brush away the powder dot with their finger. Or they can brush it away with their shoe or putter after putting.

Golfing Innovations owns and operates a niche oriented online golf store that sells only top rated golf equipment and accessories. They offer discount prices on their golf products and they make it easy for shoppers to find items that meet their specific needs.

Golfing Innovations holds the patent on the Pocket Markmaster and is the exclusive importer. The Pocket Markmaster is sold at select retail golf shops for an MSRP of $14.99. It is also sold through promotional product distributors at attractive wholesale prices for quantities starting at 50 units.