Tee Hanger Device Provides Golfers With Convenient Access to Tees

Santa Monica, CA (February 1, 2005) – The Tee Hanger Bag Tag (TM), from Golfing Innovations, provides golfers with fast, convenient access to golf tees. No longer do golfers need to waste time digging through overcrowded golf bag pockets looking for a loose tee while their friends are waiting.

Simply insert the tips of up to seven tees into the hollow, rubberized holding tubes of the Tee Hanger at the beginning of a round of golf. Then pull one out of its holding tube whenever the need arises.

The rubberized tubes provide a snug fit that prevents the tees from falling out. Yet it’s easy to pull out a tee when you need it. Holds any length of tee, as well as many of the non-traditional golf tees that come in various sizes and shapes.

The Tee Hanger Bag Tag includes a medallion that functions as a bag tag. A clip is included so that the Tee Hanger can be conveniently attached to the outside of a golf bag. Tees not included.

Golfers and golf gift shoppers can purchase the Tee Hanger at select retailers and at http://www.golfinginnovations.com.

Golfing Innovations also sells the Tee Hanger through promotional product distributors to companies interested in having their logo imprinted onto the dimpled white surface of the bag tag medallion.

“Since it is so clever, unique and useful, the Tee Hanger generates a lot of favorable advertising impressions for a company’s imprinted logo while hanging from a golf bag. This makes it a much more effective promotional item than traditional bag tags,” said Aaron Kvitek, Co-founder of Golfing Innovations.

About Golfing Innovations:
California-based Golfing Innovations is the exclusive supplier of the Tee Hanger. It also owns and operates a niche-oriented online golf store at http://www.golfinginnovations.com that specializes in the sale of top-rated, truly effective golf equipment, training aids, accessories, and gifts. Their website offers competitive discounts and menu navigation options that help shoppers quickly find products designed to improve specific elements of their game.