Website Sells Innovative Golf Products Using Innovative Catalog Navigation Approach

Santa Monica, CA (March, 15 2003) – No longer do online golf product shoppers need to spend hours weeding through cluttered warehouse websites in order to find that small subset of merchandise that is both truly innovative and truly effective in satisfying specific needs. Busy online golf product shoppers can now turn to to save them time and frustration.

To make shopping at their website faster and more rewarding, Golfing Innovations only stocks and sells cutting-edge golf products that deliver on specific, promised benefits. By eliminating the confusing clutter of ordinary golf products found at the typical warehouse websites, online shoppers no longer have to spend hours sifting through arcane product descriptions and comparing one product to another in order to determine which ones are truly cutting-edge, and more importantly, which ones can best satisfy their specific need. Golfing Innovations has already done the search and analysis work for them, saving them valuable time and energy.

But the founders of Golfing Innovations have taken their niche concept a step further. They wanted to come as close as possible to giving online golf product shoppers the same kind of personalized product recommendation service that can be received at the local golf shop. In other words, they wanted to offer more than just pioneering golf products, they wanted to offer solutions to each shopper’s personal needs.

To accomplish this, Golfing Innovations offers a catalog navigation system that uses helpful menu options and descriptive yet concise sub-category overview pages to prompt each shopper to stop and think about their specific golf-related needs and objectives. This customer self-assessment approach mirrors the first step that a good sales clerk at the local pro shop would take in order to be able to recommend products that can satisfy the specific needs of a given shopper.

After the online shopper identifies their specific need and selects the appropriate catalog sub-category at, they are presented with a range of diverse, innovative product options that are specifically designed to address that particular personal need from one angle or another. This represents another example for how Golfing Innovations establishes a point of competitive differentiation from the warehouse websites. Instead of requiring a shopper to jump from one narrow product-oriented category to another in order to be able to review a diverse selection of product options that may be able to satisfy a specific need, all the shopper has to do at Golfing Innovations is select a single, solution-oriented category. With the ability to navigate through only one category in order to review a diverse range of product solutions that can satisfy their personal need, Golfing Innovations not only helps the shopper save valuable time, but also makes them feel like their personal needs are being addressed, just like in the local golf shop.

To add yet more value to the online shopping experience at Golfing Innovations, shoppers are also offered access to databases of golf tips and golf humor that are organized into convenient categories. In fact, in order to generate a sense of community and in order to provide new content for repeat visitors, shoppers are encouraged to submit their own favorite tips and jokes for possible inclusion in these databases.

Golfing Innovations, LLC is an online golf retailer with a unique, highly specialized competitive positioning strategy. It offers a faster, easier, and more satisfying online shopping experience for beginning golfers, advanced golfers, and golf gift shoppers alike. It avoids the confusing, time consuming clutter of ordinary golf products by only selling truly innovative golf products that deliver on promised benefits. In addition, its pioneering catalog navigation system prompts shoppers to identify their specific need, after which a range of potentially diverse product solutions is displayed for their review. This is particularly helpful to non-golfing gift shoppers who need an extra hand identifying innovative merchandise that is well suited to meet the specific needs of their gift recipient.

Golfing Innovations, LLC is also the manufacturer of The Pocket Markmaster ™, which is a patent-pending powder-dispensing golf ball marker that offers golfers an alternative to using a coin-shaped device to mark the position of their ball on the green. The powder mark will not interfere with the roll of another player’s putt and it is harmlessly brushed away with your finger or shoe. The Markmaster also has a handy, fold-out divot repair fork. By virtue of being an all-in-one ball marker and divot repair tool, The Markmaster represents a more convenient, time-saving alternative to separate, easily forgotten or lost devices. The Markmaster has also been approved by the U.S. Golf Association, which means that it conforms to the official rules of golf. It is sold at and at select retailers.